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How do I Promote an Event on the Internet


How to Promote Your Events Online - How do I Promote an Event on the Internet - How to Promote an Event Online for Free

An event is an activity that is used to engage the audience with your content, brand, or company and can help in growing the network and of course, generate new business.

Create a different-looking event page.  A page should be created with all the necessary information about the event. It can be a home base for all attendees may need. It can also sell the event.  Schedule blog posts leading up to the event.  Give people a little trailer about what is going to happen in the event

Email Lists

An invitation notifies the audience that something is coming. Use your newsletter, email, or contact lists and take advantage of sending an invitation to join the event.

Past Attendees

Have you held an event before? Send your information to the past attendees who have attended your past event because they will have some interest according to the event.

Share it on Social Media Platforms.


You can create a unique event page using Facebook to easily inform your followers. Facebook page attracts the audience and it will let an organizer know how much people are interested in an event.


Twitter can be a way to promote your event. Create Twitter lists for the audience which produce excitement in event discussion. 


An event can be created on LinkedIn where connections can be invited. Google+ groups.  Invite attendees by creating groups for the event.


An official hashtag for the event can be very useful and can be used on Twitter or Instagram. Hashtag attracts the audience and encourages them to use them as well don’t forget to add the hashtag to the Bio (About) section of each of your social accounts. Once you have a link to your event, update your info section, and then the audience has a very simple way to find out more. They just need to click the link!

Leverage Content

Create shareable event materials. Shareable material can include banners, videos, etc.

Use Videos

YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are all the best sources for video promotion. Videos can include videos from previous events. 


Free ticket giveaways are great to generate buzz in the audience. Social media platforms are an efficient way to keep the hype going!

Invest in Paid Ads If in Budget


Create a memorizing alarm for an audience that viewed your event page but didn’t register. They may just need an alarm or a reminder.

Social Media Ads

Invest in your ad on social media and make sure that the event is promoted to the target audience.

Use Photos of in Social Updates

Use fun photos from previous events to attract your audience. Take a positive, fun picture of your attractive attendees and post a status update. Identify the people in the picture and tag them if you can. This gives people a chance to comment and talk about how much they learned or what a great time they had and how much they’re looking forward to attending again.

Create a Group Post Which Features Event Speakers

Choose your event speakers because they’re the main leaders in their fields.

Ask your speakers (presenters) to contribute to this type of post has lots of benefits:

·         The speakers will feel proud when they are afforded a chance to display their skills to your audience.

·         Prospective audience gets a preview of the excellent work shared at the event.

·         Your readers gain wisdom from multiple experts in a bi-post.

·         This type of post is normally one of the most shared, providing you with evergreen data.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Visual Content

A lot of content goes into pulling off a fascinating event. Give a clip into this exciting and sometimes exhausting experience by sharing images and video clips of the preparations going on.

Share stories of how you’re pulling everything together and don’t forget mistakes and challenges happen. Be authentic and share the survey challenges you face and what steps you took to resolve them. It humanizes your brand and makes you more relatable and reliable.

Posting behind-the-scenes (BTS) photos and videos are also a great way to generate buzz and boost engagement. It builds an internal emotional connection by fostering a sense of being an insider to the event, a “glimpse behind the curtain” or “Behind the lens”.

Content ideas:

           Venue and area of surrounding

           Route to necessary local sites/attractions

           Closest place to get a good coffee/Tea

           Event and goodie bags

           Fun things to do in the area of the event

           Bloopers/behind the scenes

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