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How To Make Patch Embroidery Look Attractive On Jackets – Types of Custom Patches

How To Make Patch Embroidery Look Attractive On Jackets – Types of Custom Patches

An extraordinary seed was planted after Alessandro Michele took the wheel at Gucci just about two years ago. An assemblage of exceptional attractiveness and vibrant romance grew out from the seed. Butterflies, snakes, swans, birds, honey bees, and flowers took a repeating theme in each of his collections, each dishing up as contemporary icons that ornamented silk bombers, knits, jackets, dresses, and handbags.

The prime justification for the youths liking of patches on their outfits is – it is super cool. Either it’s the badges proclaiming your loyalty to sports teams, classy patches on bottoms, or the artistic bead patches on tops and such– patches are everywhere.

Where to Find Patches to Attach to Jackets?

Embroidered patches are simply art pieces fashioned by means of a thick fabric backing thread and different forms of needles. They can be stitched on or attached with a pin, but other modern methods include iron-on and Velcro backings. They can be store-bought as in the case of those embroidered patches you find in numerous shapes and sizes or can also be made on your own. The key to fashioning a unique fruitful embroidered patch is to work with a skilled graphic artist. You can design the patch yourself too in a few easy steps.

Ways to Make the Apparel Look Attractive

There are numerous ways you can try out which some of them are as follows:

Pick a Theme

Instead of a mash-up of all kinds of patches under the sun, stick to one type. Choose the desired theme and work with it.

Find Beauty in Asymmetry

The patchworks need not be equally spaced and placed. You can design it any way you like. Remember, imperfection is the new perfection.

Literally, Make a Statement

Spell out anything you want in letters and design your jacket with it. Different labels will surely catch everyone’s eye.

Play with Scale

Find your favorite patch and make it the focal point by positioning smaller ones around it.

Go, Solo

Even minimalists can work with this youth-inspired trend by having just one. But make it count. The lesser, the more it is —hit a sentimental note with a childhood symbol, like Captain America's armor.

Style a Garden Party

Flowers are never out of fashion because they are evergreen. Flirt with florals in a more grown-up take.


Some examples of Patches for jackets are given below:

Emoji Patches

Emojis are the top trend. Try recreating your iPhone’s emoji in the form of little patches for your jacket! They look attractively fancy and will surely catch the spotlight.

Embroidered Patch Pins

You can show your personality by attaching the patch pins of sports and many other activities you like doing.  Whether you are in the police, military, medical field, sports scouts, or have interests in things such as motorcycles or martial arts; the best way to show your passion and loyalty is using these identifying patches.

Heart Elbow Patches

The Elbow patch is unique and is a stand-out fashion for sure. Try styling your jacket with a heart-shaped or any other-shaped elbow patch.

Embroidered Sequinned Elbow Patches

Do you like the idea of creating your own elbow patches but want them to be unique? Try making classically shaped sequinned elbow patches instead!

Embroidered Animal Face Patches

Are you an animal lover? If yes, then what is the other good way to show your love for them? Try adorable little animal patches made from different colored felt and white embroidery floss. Place them on the front or back of the jacket.

Jeweled Elbow Patches

If you like the idea of glitzy elbow patches but you want to get even fancier, try out a full embroidered rhinestone look! You’ll definitely catch peoples’ eyes as you go about your day.

Iron-On Patches

These are Patches that you can stick by applying heat. This is the quickest and easiest way to attach patches. These have sticky backs which on the application of heat, get activated. Some have a backing sheet and others a plastic back.

Attaching the Iron-on Patch

Some patches are retailed with an iron-on backing already attached. Some are just applied without iron on the back. This is where Steam-A-Seam keeps the day. This stuff is surprising and not only is it incredibly ordinary to implement, but it also has a better permanent hold than iron-on ones. And yes, it is machine washable after it is fused onto the fabric! It usually comes in 9×12″ size sheets but some fabric stores might sell them by the yard too. The sticky, fusible sheet will come sandwiched between two sheets of paper. The white top paper can be easily removed and the gridded bottom one will require to be peeled off once your appliqué is attached. Primary, remove the top paper and stick the bottom of your appliqué to the Steam-A-Seam. Cut around it roughly. Sandwich it by placing a plain piece of paper under the appliqué and another on top. This is for preventing the fusible glue from melting all over your ironing board and your iron from messing up.

Step 1

Keep the iron on the patch where you desire it to be. Next set the iron temperature to that of cotton fabric.

Step 2

Spray some drops of water on the back of the patch. Keep pieces of cotton pressing cloth above the iron on the patch this is to protect it from getting damaged because of the heat.

Step 3

Iron for around 20-30 seconds. Use the hot iron to press consistently. Make sure the heat settings of your iron are for cotton cloth. Be careful not to use the iron-on patches on nylon fabrics, waterproof rainwear, leather, and elastic fabrics.

The trick to pulling off the statement-patched jacket is pairing it with neutral solid colors. Now that you have numerous ideas for styling the jacket with different patches, it’s time to experiment with them, the different and unique, and the better.


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