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How to Manage a Fast Food Restaurant - Managing a Fast Food Restaurant


How to Manage a Fast Food Restaurant - Managing a Fast Food Restaurant

If you are opening a fast food restaurant or you’ve recently opened a fast food restaurant and looking for a promotion to manager, there are a few important and demanding skills you’ll need to master if you want to be successful in the restaurant field. Managing a fast-food restaurant is a fast-paced, difficult, and multi-tasking job. Manager job includes planning, directing, and overseeing the operations and fiscal health of a business unit, division, department, or operating unit within an organization and other employees through the responsibility and hard work of daily business while ensuring that every customer gets their meal without waiting too long. In order to please customers, managers have to team up with corporate personnel to keep the restaurant profitable and excelling as part of a larger organization. The manager is also considered an employee who is responsible for planning, directing, and supervising the whole operations and fiscal health of a business unit, division, department, or operating unit within an organization. Whether you’re a new manager or an experienced fast-food leader. Here’s some advice that may help you in managing a fast-food restaurant.

1. Avoid Wasting Food

Especially when you're working as part of a corporate chain, there will be a lot of pressure and responsibility on you to ensure you go with the estimated numbers and profits. One of the best ways you can meet your goals is by avoiding waste. Train employees and staff on the correct procedure of cooking and preparing food to help decrease the amount of food and ingredients that are wasted. Most fast food managers get stressed about meeting their goals and feel like they're working on their own. You can get your employees and staff more involved by having weekly or monthly meetings with your team and motivating them to reduce waste.

2. Clean Environment

A clean environment is a priority along with checking stock levels, ordering more ingredients, and creating weekly work schedules, managers have to ensure the restaurant is clean and meets health and safety regulations. Make sure your cleaners are doing their job by cleaning the tables and floors properly, and regularly emptying the bins. There are some managers who refuse to take part in cleaning and help the workers to clean tables. Those type of managers isn't great at their jobs. The best manager is one who works as part of a team and helps keep the restaurant running efficiently. Always remember you are a part of a team. Participate where you can.

3. Always Be There

Most of the managers have a bad habit of sitting behind their desks at the back of the kitchen. But they should be seen everywhere. It's your responsibility to wander throughout the restaurant and do what needs to be done, assist your crew members who need help and deal with customer complaints as well. When the counter is busy with orders, hop in and help or make sure the restaurant tables are clean and tidy so customers have somewhere to sit and eat. By being a team player, you will easily be seen as a great, reliable, and trustworthy manager.

4. Dressing

As a manager, you need to be a great example for your team. It depends on how good your fast-food restaurant management skill is. If the manager is maintained so will the staff. You need to be dressed properly for work and your staff should also be dressed with the restaurant theme. There are many work hazards in a fast food restaurant but by wearing slip-resistant shoes you can greatly reduce the chances of slipping or falling while on your shift. You will also dress a bit more formally if you are a manager or supervisor role, like a hotel manager or restaurant manager.

5. Well-Trained Staff

In the fast-food industry, many crew members are freshers and inexperienced, and they need to be trained properly. Many mistakes can happen if staff are not 100% sure how to use equipment and other machines properly. Give them plenty of time to teach your new starters and be available to show them again. If you guide them correctly, it reduces the chances of mistakes happening in the workplace. A general rule in fast food restaurants is, if everyone is properly trained and guided then the restaurant will run successfully.

6. Customer Service

When you deal with other employees and corporate personnel as a manager, it’s important to remember who’s most important when running a restaurant. Unfortunately, it's the customer that mostly matters. Because managers have such multi-tasking jobs, it can be hard to find a medium with working in the back and at the counter. It’s not unusual for managers to take drive-thru orders or help with food preparation both at the same time, but they should also remember that they’re the main character of the business. It’s important to take time to talk with customers. Wander around to make sure people dining in are happy and deal with customer concerns as smoothly and friendly as possible.

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