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How to Pitch Your Plan to Investors - What To Cover During Your Investor Pitch

How to Pitch Your Plan to Investors - What To Cover During Your Investor Pitch - Investor Pitch Presentation Example

We have provided you with all the data we have on the Investor pitch presentation example. Just make sure you follow these steps properly.

First of all, make some time to put together a pitch deck. There are lots of tools that can help you make a professional-looking presentation. Be fully prepared because investors will want you to be able to back up your rights. Have a well-planned business plan with you to share, so they can read more if they’d like to. The intention, after all, is that you provide a strong pitch, and by the end, they will be asking for either your managerial summary or your overall business plan.

Don’t Wing It

Why do you have issues rehearsing your pitch? There are many entrepreneurs who think, “Oh, I know my business from inside and outside—pitching will be a wind!” Best of luck!

I’ve seen many businesspersons crash and burn when delivering their stockholder pitch—and ramble on and on and on. There’s nothing more annoying than being told, “I only need 15 minutes of your precious time,” and then 25 minutes later you’re still on the slide where you were half an hour ago.

Most important things to keep in mind for your pitch to investors:

1. Start With a Story

Start your pitch with a convincing story. It should address the issue you’re solving in the industry. This will involve your audience right out of the gate. If you can tell your story to your audience, even great! Do some study about the investor, so you have a good sense of what they like, unlike, and care about and can tailor your story to them.

2. The Solution

Share what’s not common about your product and how it will solve the problem you shared in the last slide. Keep it short, brief, and easy for the stockholder to explain to the audience. Avoid using slogans unless your investors are so much aware of your industry.

3. The Target Market

Don’t say that everybody in the world is possibly your target market, even if it could be true later. Be genuine about who you’re building your product for and break out your market into SOM, TAM, and SAM. This will not only excite your targeted audience, but it will help you think more precisely about your idea.

4. Revenue or Business Model

Investors lean towards caring about this slide the most. How will you earn? Be very exact about your products and rates and highlight again how your market is eagerly awaiting your entrance.

5. Early Traction and Milestones

First, in the presentation, you want to build some reliability. Take some time to share the related purchase you’ve had. This is your chance to blow your own horn! Amaze the investors with what you and your team have accomplished till now (sales, agreements, main hires, product launches, and others).

6. Customer Acquisition: Marketing and Sales Technique

This is typically one of the most bounced sections of an investor pitch and a complete business plan. How will you reach your clients? How much will it charge? How will you measure achievement? Your financials should simply allow you to calculate your customer acquisition prices.

7. The A-Team

Investors invest in people first and plan later, so be certain to share details about your business team and why they are the correct people to lead this business.

Similarly, be sure to share what skill sets you may lack on your team. Most beginner teams are missing some main talent—be it marketing, management skills, computer programming, sales, processes, financial management, and many more. Let them know that you are aware of the thing and that you don’t know everything.

8. Your Financial Plans

Show what you’re planning in revenue (per item) over the next four to five years. You surely back up your numbers by sharing your expectations. You’ll see depositors taking out their mobile calculators to make sure your figures make logic, so give them every detail they need to see whether your calculations are precise or not.

If your financial plan shows “hockey-stick development,” be definite to explain what happens to cause those inflection bullets.

9. Your Competition

The finest way to communicate your value proposal over your opponents’ is to show this slide in a competitive matrix layout—where you mention your competitors on the left side of the page, you have your features/advantages through the top, and check the check marks in the boxes for which company offers that facility. Most preferably, you have looked through marks across the top for every class, and your competitor's lack in main regions to show your competitive benefits.

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